Case Study Vignettes – Making a Diagnosis

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Case Study Vignettes – Making a Diagnosis
Linda Hamelin
Abnormal Psychology
December, 2014
Professor Nancy Brooks

Questions and Answers
The following questions will be answered for each patient listed below, nine total patients. In addition, further below, two additional patients will be reviewed for symptoms of bipolar affective disorder (BPAD).
What is the most probable diagnosis?
Why? What symptoms of this disorder are present?
What further information would help you ascertain if this were the correct diagnosis?
The Patients
The most probable diagnosis for Jenny is depression, specifically dysthymia. Jenny’s symptoms suggest dysthymia, which symptoms include insomnia, fatigue, and loss of
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(Mayo Clinic Staff, 1998 - 2014)
The most probable diagnosis for Sam is schizophrenia. Sam has gotten into some trouble due to his reactions on certain “signs” received that appear to be unrealistic. He is acting irrationally, making odd/bizarre statements or beliefs, i.e. “my mother is a b&*%$* and that I’m a son of a b&*%$*.” This statement is what he believed his neighbor was stating to him when he discovered a dead pet in the trash bin. His uncle stated that Sam has been acting strangely for months. While observing Sam, he rambles of innocence and self-defense. In addition, his uncle has observed Sam being even more withdrawn than usual. Sam is also exhibiting poor hygiene.
As with most psychological disorders, physical exams are likely done in order to rule out certain primary causes that may exhibit similar symptoms. When diagnosing schizophrenia a lab test called a complete blood count (CBC), other blood tests that may help rule out conditions with similar symptoms, and screening for alcohol and drugs. In addition, the mental health provider may additionally request imaging studies, such as CT or MRI scan. (Mayo Clinic Staff, 1998 - 2014)
The most probable diagnosis for Ben is not apparent. He seems to be trying to beat imprisonment for a criminal charge that he is currently going to court for.
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