Case Study : Vikas Mahendra & Associates Essay

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Vikas Mahendra & Associates is a proprietary firm situated In Preet Vihar, Delhi. The firm was established in 2008 under the ownership of C.A. Vikas Jain. The firm is engaged in business of consultation, tax planning and accounting and auditing services, formation and merger of companies. The firm provides with utmost reliability and professionalism. This firm offers sound financial services and advices.
The firm’s vision is to provide best solution in matters of accounting and auditing services. The firm makes strong relationship with their clients by giving them cost efficient with high quality standard. Believes in total satisfaction of their customer.

The first and most important mission of the firm is to give high quality services that is cost efficient also which is totally suitable and satisfied by the customers

The firm provides various facilities regarding tax such as Income Tax , Sales Tax, TDS, VAT . The firm handles tax return services for various clients which includes individuals residing in India and NRIs and companies established in India by advanced softwares which are built for efficiency, less time consumption and high quality of work.

Tax services includes:
Direct taxation : wealth tax, income tax for individuals who are NRIs , resident of India, company.
Indirect Taxation: VAT , TDS , Service Tax

The firm also helps individuals to form companies.

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