Case Study : We The People

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“We The People”, an iconic term that reminds us, the citizens of the United States, that this country cannot be the country we are without its people. The organization that I chose to do further research on makes me question, are they about the people? The small business that I will be discussing is called We The People and they are a document preparing business specializing in divorces, trusts, probates, notaries, name changes, custody agreements and more. With extremely important legal work like so, a lot of trust has to be put on the preparer and the business itself. We The People is run by a lady named Jayne Bromberg. Jayne is the store owner for both of her business locations in Burbank, CA and Long Beach, CA. The main location that I will be examining is the Burbank location of which she only has two employees total. The main problem that I will reach into and attempt a plan of action for change is her absence in leadership expertise, as she mirrors good leadership skills which are crucial in running a successful business. However, Jayne’s actions are impacting her employees, and at some points, even her potential clients. I conducted an interview with Moryah Patron, an ex employee of We The People as my way of further studying this organization. Store owner Jayne’s absence in leadership expertise is ambiguous because of the fact that not only is she providing an inhospitable environment at the workplace, her lack of leadership and communication with her employees and
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