Case Study Week 2 - An Ethical Dilemma

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Case Study Week 2 - An Ethical Dilemma
The biopharmaceutical company needs to hire two new research scientists. The lowest salary the company can pay a new research scientist is 135,000 per scientist. The business is not a well-known establishment within the state of South Dakota. A female scientist interviews for one of the vacant position, but supposedly does not possess “fresh ideas”. Yet she is offered a job with a salary of $105,000, which is below the lowest salary the company predicted it would offer for the position.
A short time later, a male candidate who was a recent college graduate interviews for the second open scientist position. It is believed that the male applicant truly exceeds the requirements established for the vacancies. The applicant seems to be in high demand and has job offers from a couple other businesses. The company assumes that the male candidate’s credentials make him a potentially valuable asset, and should therefore be offered a job as soon as possible.
The Issues
The company’ s reasoning for wanting employees who had recently completed graduate work was to bring new fresh ideas to a company whose staff had been employed for a considerable amount of time. This appears to be code for the company has a significant amount of older employees. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [EEOC], the wording "recent college graduates" (EEOC, n.d.), in an advertisement is a prohibited employment practice. If this language was
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