Case Study Well At Walgreens

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The acetaminophen tablets from the Well at Walgreens brand showed a degradation of percent label claim of acetaminophen characterized by a R¬2 value of 0.4728 on a downward sloping treadline. The control percent label was found to be 105.3%. The percentages for weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8 were as follows: 111.9%, 88.7%, 100.9%, and 88.2%. Therefore, the total degradation found in the group results is a loss of 17.3% label claim. No outliers were determined at this time. The reason for this large amount would have to be the experimental conditions (70 C°, 75% RH), as these conditions are well outside of the recommended conditions shown on the label (15 – 30 C°). These extreme conditions led to a decrease in the amount of active acetaminophen present
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