Case Study : Western Canadian Shoe Association

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Introduction Customers make purchasing decisions based on the information they have among products and the values of goods a company offers. For that reason, companies have to promote their products to increase products awareness. In order to achieve organizational goals, companies must understand the market’s needs to ensure the success of their businesses. Such information can be gained through research. The industry that will form the basis of this paper is Western Canadian Shoe Association. The three brands under study are Reebok, Adidas, and Nike. Objectives The purpose of this study is to explore three companies by focusing on how the brands have been performing as well as what the customers and other stakeholders are saying about the different brands. This study will also summarize the strategic issues that the companies and those they are likely to experience in future. Research method The study will take the form of a cross-sectional design in which the target population will be people selected via convenience sampling. It aims to assess the view of the customers at a specific point in time. The tools of study to be used will include a random selection of feedbacks from social media. Also, an online search on databases will be conducted to provide relevant journal articles on the companies. Online sources will also be useful in finding out relevant information about the Company websites, and their online platforms in social media will also be examined for relevant

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