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Whistler Corporation Case Study Ivana Cizmic BU502 Instructor: Dr. Peggy Bilbruck Southern States University 2016 Abstract This case study is about analyzing the Whistler Corporation business issues. The Whistler Corporation at some point had to make a very important business decision. The decision was about if the company should continue manufacturing operations in the US or not. The company had experience some serious problems with the domestic production in the US, where competing with companies that had their supplies imported from the east Asia become impossible. The Whistler Corporation hired a consulting company to solve these issues and also to help with manufacturing process. The corporation management had to make big…show more content…
In 1986, the companies profit started to decrease drastically. The Whistler corp. loss more than $500,000 per month. It was the time to do something radical to recover the company and to turn it back to the top of the market. In that period Charles Stott was on the head of Whistler corp. To save the companies’ future he put in action three alternatives. Firstly, he focused on the the whole reconstruction of the biggest problem in company, the production process, such as control of inventory process, but many other things had to be reconstructed in order to achieve these goals such as new inventory process, products with the bigger quality, better functionality of processing, and usage of the plant had to be more organized. Secondly, the company would have to hire an affordable supplier of their radar detectors, which will improve the relationship with company and external suppliers, usage of the both plants and lower price. The third alternative and the last one was closing the doors of both plant, and making a big change on the production district by moving the whole production process to an off-shore location, that would not be easy to apply, but it would crucially decrease the cost of production process. The issues with the market competition, and foreign suppliers, in this case east Asia market didn’t only reflected only on the Whistler Corporation, it reflected on many other companies in manufacturing market, they also had issues and had to
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