Case Study : Who Sued American Express Financial Advisors, Inc.

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This case is based on Mrs. Bonnie Wittenburg, who sued American Express Financial Advisors, Inc. (AEFA), alleging that the company fired her based on age discrimination. Mrs. Wittenburg was hired for AEFA in 1998, as an Equity Research Analyst when she was 46 years old. In 2001, Mr. Truscott was hired as AEFA 's Chief Investment Officer (CIO). In 2002, Mr. Truscott started a 2-year project, where three managers were hired and he anticipated on hiring more managers in Boston, due the creation of a new satellite office in Boston, and the merge or movement of certain funds to AEFA 's satellite offices is different states. In 2003, AEFA informed Mr. Wittenburg that as a part of the reduction-in-force plan (RIF), her position was terminated. After her termination, Mrs. Wittenburg applied to a portfolio manager position at AEFA, but she was not hired. As a result, Mrs. Wittenburg filed a claim of age discrimination under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. (p.693, Wittenburg v. American Express) The legal issue in this case is whether Mrs. Wittenberg can establish a prima facie case of disparate treatment within the AEFA 's RIF process based on age and if she can demonstrate that AEFA’ reason for termination was a pretext. The court ruled in AEFA favor.
2. Why don’t the statements made by various managers provide convincing evidence of discriminatory motive? Mrs. Wittenberg used as evidence to establish a prima facie of age discrimination, the following…
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