Case Study: Why Mascots Should Be Called Northeast

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Schools are a place for all kids and young adults go to learn something before going out into the big world, schools are responsible for a lot of things; what a child learns, and many other things. So with the new school being built; the name should be Northeast, the mascot should be a python, and the school colors should be yellow and white.

First the name should be Northeast for the new school district. It should be called Northeast because of where the location of the new school will be. And also because it is a simple just a simple name that wouldn’t be hard to forget.

Second the new school's mascot should be a python. It should be a python because most kids and young adults like snakes because of how cool they are. Also the python is a really cool snake, because it is so kind for a big snake and because they get so big and long.
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They should be these colors because they are simple basic colors, that are look good together. Also yellow and white are the colors of one breed of python, which would help make the mascot look a lot
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