Case Study : Wielding Shop Floor

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Introduction: As discussed in my shop part-1 about the challenge we wish to explore at HonorSteel is Bottleneck at wielding shop floor. We would like to give a brief background about the process flow before wielding operation to have a clear picture of what’s going on here. In figure 1 (attached at the end) it explains about the process flow at HonorSteel before the changes applied. All the operations have to go through Wielding process because of which bottleneck has occurred at this location. The challenge has emerged since wielding shop floor is unavoidable operation in manufacturing of PEB that is Pre-Engineered Building. Also solving this bottleneck means increase in productivity which has direct impact on return on investment.…show more content…
E-kanban systems has be integrated into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, enabling real-time demand signaling across the supply chain and improved visibility. Data pulled from e-kanban systems can be used to optimize inventory levels by better tracking supplier lead and replenishment times. Figure 2 shows the information flow in E-Kanban The six guidelines followed at HonorSteel for effective E-Kanban system are • Customer (downstream) processes withdraw items in the precise amounts specified by the E-Kanban. • Supplier (upstream) produces items in the precise amounts and sequences specified by the E-Kanban • No items are made or moved without a E-Kanban. • A E-Kanban should accompany each item, every time. • Defects and incorrect amounts are never sent to the next downstream process. • The number of E-Kanbans is reduced carefully to lower inventories and to reveal problems. Outline of Changed Key Processes: After implementation of E-Kanban, the process flow became more stable. Shown in figure 3 (attached at the end).Some of the changes on the process are • Separated Hot rolled product and Cold rolled product • The processed Hot/Cold rolled doesn’t have to wait for pressing and Beam saw operation • The main bottleneck region was wielding and we have installed an additional wielding unit to avoid bottleneck • Then we have the Spray painting and Air blower to cool the painting • After that we have Quality check (QC) and Labeling. •
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