Case Study: Wisneski V. University Pitt At Greensburg

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Witness Statement on behalf of Joy Wisneski 533-2015-001193 Wisneski V University Pitt at Greensburg After Donna Myers hiring at Pitt working conditions did change with William Franicola supervisor. Donna caused problems or trouble for other Maintenance employees she dislikes . *When Dolly and Dan suggested staying on there regular shift 5:00 am. to 1:30 pm. during the summer instead of 7:00 am. to 3:30 pm. appeal denied *Dolly, Harry, Joy, Dan and I suggested cleaning of the dorms earlier because we have active in there building. Yet, we had no problem when she cleaned her own dorms we wanted a change due to activities in there work area. appeal denied *She has called Franicola reporting employees she disliked for No reason *I witness
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