Case Study : Working At Wal Mart

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Hung Bui
BBUS 307 – Business Writing
Case Study Report #2 “Working at Wal-Mart”
Aug. 4, 2015

The author of “Working At Wal-Mart,” a case study, provides a stunning overview of a day in the life of a Wal-Mart employee. The sheer number of ethical issues that present themselves for the average Wal-Mart worker are beyond astounding, as Barbara Ehrenreich covers in her study. The sheer morality and care for Wal-Mart staff that is far from evident in this piece speaks to the way that corporate culture has become ethically and morally bankrupt in numerous ways.
The idea behind this case study is that the author assumes the complete identity of a Wal-Mart employee. She lives in the only weekly hotel rental she can afford on her salary, detailing the fear that comes along with living at such a property, particularly as a single woman. She eats fast food for just about every meal, as this is not only all she can afford, but also because she has nowhere to cook any other type of food. Ehrenreich also talks in great detail about her work experience at Wal-Mart.
From the day that she starts – and the initial excitement she feels that is quickly crushed by a clear lack of interest in her even as a new employee – to the day that she feels her personality turn because of long hours, unpredictable work schedules and a general lack of support from the very company for which she is working, Ehrenreich is able to capture the experience through what is a riveting case study. Ultimately,…

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