Case Study: Working With Survivors Of Domestic Violence

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In completing this essay, an opportunity was provided to select a case study and determine whether individual, group, or both kinds of services would be most effective treatment for a client. The essay will be based on the case study of Working with Survivors of Domestic Violence: The case of Charo. The issue the client is facing will be discussed, along with my recommended intervention. The essay will conclude with identifying the best delivery method for an intervention with supporting resources to validate my decision.
Client History
Charo is a 34-year-old Hispanic female who is unemployed and resides with 5 children and her husband in an apartment. Charo reported as a child she suffered severe abuse, neglect, and rape. Charo does not have a visa to work, does not speak English, and husband was recently deported to Mexico due to domestic violence against her. She was court ordered to attend a domestic violence support group due to allegations her child made at school.
Recommended Interventions
Implementation of a safety plan should be created in the event a victim encounters any form of violence. The safety plan should entail specific circumstances where the victim should seek immediate safety away from the batterer. Domestic violence shelters offer many beneficial services for victims. Advocacy
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An individual appointment is recommended being the client should not feel overwhelmed by a large group at initial contact. Intervention begins with the validating process. By letting a battered woman know that you are concerned, that she is not alone, that she doesn’t deserve the abuse and that help is available will give her the confidence to know she can succeed (Stark & Flitcraft, 1995). Facts and success stories of domestic violence would also be beneficial. This method would allow the client to understand the truth of her situation and hopefully push her improve her circumstance by accepting
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