Case Study : Wynn Resorts Limited

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Wynn Resorts Limited (Wynn) is high-end developer and operator of resort-style casinos. Wynn offers hotel rooms and suites, gambling, fine-dining, spas, and boutiques. Founded in 2002 by American business magnate Steve Wynn, the company currently has two locations in Las Vegas, Nevada and two locations Macau, China. In 2016, Wynn plans to open Wynn Palace, a 1,700 room hotel and casino in Macau. The company is publicly traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol WYNN. Horizontal analysis is the comparison of a company’s historical financial information over a specific period of time. The analysis helps to determine whether an increase or decrease has taken place in particular areas of the financial performance. A horizontal analysis of Wynn’s income statement and balance sheet provides insight into their performance from 2013 and 2014. During this time period, Wynn’s assets increased 8%. Much of this growth was the result of a 37% increase in their investment securities and a 16% increase in their prepaid expenses. However, the firm did experience a 10% decrease in their cash and cash equivalents. The most drastic change occurred in the firm’s stockholder’s equity, which increased nearly 60%. This drastic increase is likely due to the increase in retained earnings over the same period, which increased from $66 million to $164 million. The horizontal analysis of the firm’s consolidated statements of income reveals mostly insubstantial. Wynn
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