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Jay Case Study: Zara International Fashion at the Speed of Light Question 1: In what ways are elements of the classical and behavioral management approaches evident in how things are done at Zara International? How can systems concepts and contingency thinking explain the success of some of Zara’s distinctive practices? Answer 1: Elements of the classical management approach are very evident at Zara International. The classical management approach contains three branches, which are scientific management, bureaucratic organization and administrative principles. Scientific management was expressed by selecting the workers with the right abilities for the job as well as time being the main factor instead of production costs and…show more content…
Question 2: Zara’s logistic system and management practices can handle the current pace of growth, but they will need updating at some point in the future. How could quantitative management approaches and data analytics help Zara executives plan for the next generation of its logistics and management approaches? Answer 2: The quantitative management approach and data analytics could help Zara in more ways than one. For instance by paying close attention to the numerical data varying from sales by store, what product sells by each store, keeping track of inventory, and always having an idea if you’re making more than you’re spending. The quantitative management approach will help executives always be up to date on sales and what the public is buying. Generating more designs that will continue to sell. Question 3: As a consultant chosen by Zara to assist with the expansion of its U.S. stores, you have been asked to propose how evidence-based management might help the firm smooth its way to success with an American workforce. What areas will you suggest be looked at for evidence-based decision making, and why? Answer 3: The evidence-based management approach can help the firm smooth its way to success in the expansion of its U.S. stores by always using the best evidence in their decision-making. The area I would suggest to be looked for the expansion is the population in each city and target the larger ones for more sales and business. The

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