Case Study : Zara's Success

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3.0 'Zara 's success is due to its approaches to operations management ' Discuss. 3.1 INTRODUCTION Operations management refers to all operations and activities within the organization responsible for the creation of goods and services that the organization passes to its customers. The main activities of operation management include managing purchases, quality control, inventory control, storage and logistics and a great deal of focus is on efficiency and effectiveness of such a process (slack et al, 2010). This is an essay on Zara (a fashion retailer) and how its approach to operation management makes it a successful company. OVERVIEW OF ZARA Zara employs one of the greatest and most successful operations strategy in the retail industry is the strategy employed by Zara. Zara being the flagship brand of a Spanish fashion retail giant, Inditex, (Industrias de Deseno Texti S.A.), was founded in 1975 and is engaged in designing textiles, manufacturing and distribution (Dutta. D, 2002). Zara started as a single shop in La Coruna but rapidly expanded to 68 countries. The company primarily operates in the Europe zone, where about 80% of its sales are made with LaCoruna, which is still home of its central offices. Its stores are opened each day and known as one of the fastest growing fashion retailers in Europe. Zara’s entire business operations, designing, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution process and retailing, it gained a couple of successful factors that include: a

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