Case Study : a Letter to the Bank Manager

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BPMM 3183 Relationship Marketing (Group B) UNIVERSITI UTARA MALAYSIA First Semester Session 2014/2015 INDIVIDUAL CASE STUDY : A Letter To The Bank Manager NAME : TAN KA YEN NO.MATRIK : 220325 INSTRUCTOR: MUNIRAH BINTI KHAMARUDDIN Case Study (Chapter 1, page 17) Question 1 What are the real problems that the customer is highlighting? Firstly, the problem that customer highlighting is automatic debiting the customer account by way of penalty. This action cause the customer has to rethink his errant financial way. The bank should having a notice or inform to their customers before debiting any penalty. This may cause many of customers that face the financial problem to fall into difficulty.…show more content…
While this may on occasion involve a lengthy wait. Some time, it will loss contact to the bank due to line busy. Question 2 How can banks increase the quality of service they offer and increase customer satisfaction? Service quality is a comparison of expectations with performance. A business with high service quality will meet customer needs whilst remaining economically competitive. Improved service quality may increase economic competitiveness. The most widely used models in measuring service quality in the banking sector are the SERVQUAL models. According to the SERVQUAL model, service quality can be measured by identifying the gaps between customers’ expectations of the service to be rendered and their perceptions of the actual performance of the service. As service quality improves, the probability of customer satisfaction increases. Bank should increase the quality customer service. Customer service serves the purpose of enhancing customer satisfaction by providing the consumer with a feeling that the bank service rendered has met or exceeded the customer’s expectations. Customer service can be provided by a person or automated by means of self-service, such as on Internet sites. A challenge to this is ensuring that customer service representatives have focused attention on the right areas. These include ensuring that employees are thoroughly knowledgeable of the

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