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Critical Case Study Assignment Maurine Shaughnessy GEN/480 Paul C. Moretti, M.B.A. September 12, 2006 I am the newly hired Vice President of Organizational Development. My responsibilities include creating the Organizational Development Department. I look forward to working with all of you especially with finding a new and improved product based on our already developed retinal scanning system iScanner. First of all I am going to discuss assumptions made by Kelly Thomas, Pat Lambert, Cliff O'Connor and Chris Martinas. After each employee assumptions will be their arguments and my evaluation of whether the argument is sound or unsound and why. Kelly Thomas – Senior Engineer, Product Development 1. Assumed that Pat, Director of…show more content…
2. Assumed programmers had plenty of time to work on new product even though he knew staff was cut last year. 3. Assumed because they were not agreeing with him they were not committed to the new product. 4. Assumed that the job could be done by outside contractors in the specified time frame. Also with money being a problem. 5. Assumed a meeting would resolve all problems. 6. Assumed the customer would be happy with whatever product was developed and launched. 7. Assumed Kelly was being a "smart ass" because he questioned his knowledge about QC. Pat argued that the scanner needed to be launched in retail, not banks or other easy markets. He also argued with Chris, Kelly's manager, that Kelly informed him that it would not be a problem to expand the iScanner. Another argument he made is he had bigger problems than to listen to than answering other questions presented by other staff members. Pats decision to launch a new product in a new market was sound. To be the first company on the market with a new product to get ahead of your competitors is a good market strategy. His idea to use an outside contractor was unsound because we are already in a budget deficit and there is now guarantee that the contractor would have the product completed in time. His statement about having bigger problems than to answer questions from other staff members was an emotional one. I think he felt nobody wanted to work with

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