Case Study for Building a Coalition for Woodson Foundation

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Case Study for Building a Coalition for Woodson Foundation. The Woodson Foundation, a large nonprofit social service agency is teaming up with the public school system in Washington D.C. to improve student outcomes. There’s ample room for improvement. The schools have problems with truancy, low student performance, and crime. New staff quickly burn out as their initial enthusiasm for helping students is blunted by the harsh realities they encounter in the classroom. Turnover among new teachers is very high, and many of the best and brightest are the most likely to leave for schools that aren’t as troubled.
The Stags of Group Development for the Woodsom foundation in building a cohesive coalition

The First Stage is bringing the new
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Hardy has been principle in the Washington DC for last 15 years totally disagree with the involvement of the parents in the school as he says, “We’re the ones who work with these kids every day. I’ve watched class sizes get bigger, and scores and graduation rates go down. Yes, we need to fix this, but these outside groups can’t understand the limitations we’re dealing with. We have the community, the politicians, and the taxpayers—everyone watching what we’re doing, everyone thinking they know what’s best. The parents, at least, have more of a stake in this.” The last but not the least the third candidate Mr. Dupree does not like the level of involvement of bureaucrats either he worries that the school answer the problem to throw the money at them. He also grew up in the neighborhood and he know that as per his personal experience at childhood the involvement of parents in not that much effective in the school make more complicated environment for the teachers as well students. For the wellbeing of our school and the new program to get great leader we have to come together and solve this problem on the point where all can have their opinion said and those can solve the issue which was coming currently.
All are the experience leaders in their own field so that they have great solutions and the when they can emerge all their thought or synchronize the thought we can be get awesome

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