Case Study for Cognitive Behavior Therapy

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The main theory that has largely influenced my clinical work at my current practicum site is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). CBT asserts it is an individual’s thoughts and behaviors that directs the individual, so in this case my job would be to help the my client (individual) to find his or her thought that is driving his or her action(s). CBT is a fine dance; it may seem simple, identify the thought and replace the thought with a healthier thought. CBT is quite contrary to being simple, the techniques and timing is a fine juggling and balance act. To elaborate further, after a client has identified his or her thought that has been driving his or her action, they would need to restructure certain things in the their life that will…show more content…
In exploring with Candice, when settled into her new apartment, she left behind her primary social group, friends. She does not know anyone at her new residence and feels lonely. As she has become more isolated, she has started to have diminished interest in activities she once enjoyed, and does not have a positive support group, these are all contributing factors to her depressed state. She has negative automatic thoughts, which in return give rise to assumptions such as “I do not fit in here and no one will like me,” referring to her new community she resides at. Her assumptions could in turn arise out of her core belief such as “They will leave me and not like me,” rooted her past relationship experiences. She felt disliked by her mother and did not fit in with her siblings, was as they were accepted by her mother and she was not. We, Candice and I, together will need to figure out what her own specific ruminations and self-talk in these areas are. I would expect themes such as “No one will like me,” or “I am afraid to engage in a relationship.” I will need to spend some time with Candice trying to tease out, the vicious cycles between her thoughts, behaviors and emotions, trying to make them clearer and more visible. Candice would benefit from CBT techniques, such as working with her to join a social support group, this would allow her to develop confidants she can trust and talk to. In addition, she will need become aware of
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