Case Study for Midsouth Chamber

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Running head: UNNOTICED MISTAKE IN MIDSOUTH CHAMBER Unnoticed Mistake in Midsouth Chamber of Commerce Abstract In continuance of the case of Midsouth Chamber of Commerce, the organization has appointed Sage Niele as a new Vice President of Operations and Chief Financial Official of the company. During her initial period, she looked back and contemplated about the decision she had made to accept the positions and her reasons behind it. Alongside with her internal investigation, the backstory of the significant players in the preceding case was told. The organization’s difficulties with finding a system to replace UNITRAK was described in the case. Throughout their search, the company has found DMA’s software as an…show more content…
In any organization, it is essential that a contract needs to be reviewed by all the staff members, corporate counsel, and officers before it could be signed and implemented. Based on all the facts gathered from the research, MSCC must work on having a good and effective communication with all the stakeholders. This would avoid poor decision, unevaluated research and contract that later lead to future pitfalls and mistakes. Method The case was examined thoroughly to determine the cause of difficulties and errors with the organization’s information system. The history of Midsouth Chamber of Commerce was investigated and reviewed by the author to understand how well the organization manages their information systems. Several questions were gathered and carefully answered to strategically associate the findings and analyze the issues. Results The review of Midsouth Chamber of Commerce’s history and the answers for the specified questions helped gathered facts to analyze what were the real problems and what causes it. The outcome of the study have identified the following problems: organization’s poor operational decisions for their information systems; lack of proper evaluation of the research; and the mistake of not checking the content of the business contract. Discussion As mentioned, having a good and effective communication is very essential in every organization. The purpose of this study was to

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