Case Study for Padgett Paper Products Company- analysis for the options

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Options:-Portion of debt through insurance company-Continue at 90 day terms-Factor receivables-Collateralize assets-Mortgage general purpose building-Independent Canadian Financing-Flat dividends-Payment Terms - accelerate receipt-LIFO / FIFOEvery available option has a positive and a negative aspect to it. Here we will decipher what option gives Padgett Paper Products the best financial structure, provides the most flexibility for continued growth, and reduces the risk for all parties involved.

It is preferred by Padgett Paper Product's management to continue at 90 day terms, however this may not be the best choice for the company or for Caslon. There is a chance that the company may be audited after the 1997 fiscal year and Calson would
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Another advantage is that payments will be level and interest rate will be fixed, since the boards forecast for the future is very pessimistic. The negatives of using debt through an insurance company have nothing to do with the financing or numbers. It is the management who was entirely against the idea. They believed that long-term fixed rates were too high, even though they had yet to return to early 1995 levels, where they were significantly higher. Another problem management had with the use of debt through insurance was that they did not like that there would be an extravagant set of covenants. More specifically Ruhl said that he disliked the type of covenant that could put the company in default without any action of management. "Violation of a debt-capital ratio, for instance," explained Ruhl with great relish, "could occur as a result of an adverse year rather than anything we do. " (Case Studies in Finance) Management, Ruhl, was extremely adamant about not agreeing to something that was out of his control. Ruhl actually preferred the informal loan, saying it was 'friendly'. This shows how much management does not know about financial decisions. Spreading the debt out over a longer period of time would improve the quick and current ratios. (see exhibit 7a) A negative of the loan itself is that if Padgett were to have the cash to prepay the loan they would face

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