Case Study for Parenting Style

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Madison Chioles Psychology 172 Professor Rogers April 23, 2013 Parenting style paper 1. Main characters and describe their personalities. Dale Dobeck- * Confrontational * Aggressive * Acts like a bad ass * Antagonizing * Bully * Shot tempered * Not worried about consequences * Impulsive * Spoiled * Poor social skills * immature Brennan Huff- * Easily intimidated * Shy * Does not like confrontation * Unmotivated * Spoiled brat * Self-indulgent * Anti- social * Immature * Insecure * Self centered 2. Parenting styles. I believe that the two parents in this case study have different styles of parenting. Nancy, the mother seems to…show more content…
4. Developmental level of children. Brennan and dale both fall in more than one developmental stage. With their extreme egocentric mindset and the lacking ability to grasp the concept of cause and effect I would have to say the most obvious stage these boys are stuck in is Piaget Preoperational stage. These 40 year old men still engage in make believe games by using their imaginations. They are aware of the difference between past and future. Their thinking is still based on intuition and not yet logical. Erikson’s initiative vs. guilt is another stage I feel they are stuck it. They are still trying to discover their independence and their purpose in life. At this stage a child is trying to learn the world around them but is aware of the basic skills and principals of physics. Children at this age just like Brennan and Dale also develop negative behaviors when they do not achieve a goal as planned. They become frustrated which leads to aggression like yelling, hitting, and throwing things. 5. Problems within the family dynamics. What are the underlining issues? Who’s contributing to the problems? Why? The problems within this blended family are the parents are not exhibiting the same nor similar parenting style which gives the children mixed signals. These parents are on the same page when it comes to the individual sons. There is no communication or agreeing when it comes to setting guidelines
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