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Case Study page 1 Case Study: Carl Robins Latisha Dow COMM/215 Essentials of College Writing Gayle Thomas February 14, 2011 Case Study Page 2 My consulting company has been hired by ABC, Inc. to evaluate some problems involving management. Once the analysis is complete it will identify and recommend ways to improve the hiring process of ABC, Inc. During the recent hiring process several problems became apparent. Once my company gathered information from ABC, Inc. it was concluded that lack of planning skills and time management on behalf of the newly hired campus recruiter, Carl Robins resulted in not being able to hold the orientation at a specified time. My consulting company suggested that in order to…show more content…
Carl should not have procrastinated so much since he was a newly hired campus recruiter and started preparing for the orientation much earlier. Since communication, time management and planning skills were all lacking; procrastination has caused an unexpected delay for the orientation. Alternatives With this case there are two main causes that caused the main problem that the company is faced with. The first thing that must be done is to postpone the orientation. The next thing that must be done is to have Monica Carroll work more closely with Carl Robins. In having these two work more closely together Carl can learn the proper way to get the task at hand completed properly. The company should have training and supervision required for all newly hired personnel. When Monica was dealing with Carl she should have given specific and structured tasks like schedules and deadlines for Carl to complete. With this being done Carl would know the right way to complete the tasks for conducting an employee orientation. The second main problem to be addressed is managerial issues of the two employees. The first thing that went wrong is for it to be assumed that the new employee knew what was expected of him or her. With this said a employee should not be without the knowledge of what Case Study page 4 is expected of them. This just means that concise and clear questions should be asked. ABC, Inc.

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