Case Study in Apple

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“Remember the Apple”

I. Problem Statement
Apple Inc. is known for their innovative products, combining user-friendly technology and elegant design, Apple’s bite of the consumer electronics market has been getting a little larger year by year. The Apple brand is fun, unique, and memorable because it is such a departure from brands that sound serious and corporate. Apple’s Macintosh computers has always stood out because it looks different from other personal computers and relies on software that even novices can learn. IPod backed by music-driven advertising, the player with the white ear buds immediately became the product of choice for many consumers. Newer models such as the iPod Nano and the iPod Touch have continued the
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It’s also time consuming for building establishment takes months or even year to finish. They need also to identify the best place for their retail stores.

IV. SWOT Analysis A. Strength * Apple Incorporation has a strong international presence. It operates 301 retail outlets in 10 countries and has online shops where software and hardware products are sold. * Apple is the best in innovation. * It is highly diversified company in personal computers, computer software, and consumer electronics. * Apple has strong brands which include the iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Macintosh line of computers. * It has established and recognized a unique reputation in the electronics consumer industry. * Apple has the customer base mainly in the United States that is devoted to the company and its brands. * Apple is the third-biggest mobile handset in the globe due to the status of the iPhone. * Apple’s website contains full guided visits of every brand that they offer.

B. Weaknesses * Apple is facing criticism for its environment, contractors’ labor and business practices. * The company brands are expensive as compared to the brands of competitors. * The product life cycle of Apple products are very small for that reasons revenues are more depend on launch of new products and service. * Easy use of the electronics has led to an image problem for Apple products; some people consider the Macintosh as a toy. * Iphone is
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