Case Study in Radical Cults

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Getting someone to do something they wouldn't normally do is hard. Getting someone adopt a mindset about something and have it stay with them is harder. However, getting someone to radically change the way they live, every single facet of another persons life being controlled by your ideals like puppets. This is something that just might be impossible. But time and time again we are shown it is not. Religion occupies a unique rung when we think about control. Religious beliefs often can change the way you live, because they involve concepts supposedly greater than anyone or anything. It can dominate and completely fill your life.The leaders can be elevated to position where everything they say is true and righteous merely based on his elevated status. But what if it wasn’t used for good? Some groups have murderers, people who would like nothing more than to see humanity at the brink of destruction, some believing that humanity already is. They do not betray their religion’s ideals. The ideals are the murderers and extremes. The fact of the matter is, you create a religion worship anything , even ones considered extreme and wrong. But first, you need someone or something to create it. These alternative religious groups, usually a breakoff of an older religion, that engage in these extreme actions are sometimes described by the media and common human as “cults”. For the sake of succinctness, I too will use this language. We will be looking into some of these cults such as
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