Case Study of Apple

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Apple Inc.

Case Study

Executive Summary:
Apple Inc. is a great computer technology company with a wide range of products that serve to every persons needs. Not only are their products great but so is their customer service as well. They are very loyal to their customers needs and are very good about honoring their warranties which are incredible deals. They are also steadily doing very well with their stocks and their net income over the past years. With their income up 364% it’s hard for them not to be successful. By taking all of these pieces of information into account I would invest in their stocks. The demand for their product is still high even in tough economic times, showing that they are a good, reliable
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Another threat that is very apparent to Apple is the very high level of competition. The major competitors with Apple are Dell, Microsoft, and Hewlett Packard.
Also another major threat is the industry itself. The technology industry is always rapidly changing, while iPods are the thing of today, they may not be the thing of tomorrow and so on.

Financial Analysis:
Financially, Apple is a booming company in the computer technology realm, and is supported by many people across the world. Since 2005 the net income has, as reported earlier in the SWOT analysis, increased by 364% to a net income of 4, 834 million dollars.

This graph shows the relation between the number of iPods sold and the stock prices for Apple. The stock prices are shown in blue while the number of iPods sold is in pink.

Historically you can see that during December each year the stocks are on the rise. From this you can interpret that Christmas plays a huge role in Apple’s stocks, showing that their product sales are always up at this time.


To improve Apple as a business I would change some of their marketing strategies and the way they release new products. When they release the iPods they don’t release all of the colors at once. I would change that because when someone buys the latest and greatest iPod they want the technology but it is in a bland color. So when the different colors

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