Case Study of Behavorism and How It Effects the Development of Children

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Case Study

After reading this case study and looking at the facts concerning this situation, I would definitely have to uphold and agree with the law in its decision that children under 7 years old are not held responsible for crimes. For example, this case study talks about a six year old boy who shot his classmate in the school library. Authorities learned that the classmates had a scuffle in the playground the day before. After the boy shoots his classmate, he throws the gun down and is later found hiding in a corner by the school authorities. Finally, while the boy is waiting for the police to show up, he is in the office drawing calmly. This alarming action of the boy after he has shot
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From behaviorism there came a more refined and specific theory called social learning theory. This theory simply states that we are social beings that learn from one another through observation without any type of touch, assurances, warmth, and examples (Berger, 2007). One type of learning that definitely supports this law from the social learning theory is modeling. This is the central process of social learning by which a person observes the actions of others and then copies them (Berger, 2007).
So, if we stop to look at the facts in this case and compare them to the previously stated theories, we can begin to understand why the law was put into place. Here we have a six year old boy, who is being raised in a household where the father and grandfather, two prominent figures in a boy’s life, are in prison on gun-related charges. The household was searched and police found another stolen gun, a 12 gauge shot gun, and drugs. This lets us know that this child has been raised in an environment that definitely condoned the use of guns but on top of that obviously used them in altercations i.e. grandfather and father. This environment encouraged the involvement of taking things without asking i.e. stolen gun found in the house. Finally, the environment produced people that acted out before they thought about the consequences or on the other hand had no concept of decisions and the consequences associated with them. Imagine a six year old
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