Case Study of Bill Gates

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MGMT 368 CASE ANALYSIS EXAMPLE C THE CASE OF BILL GATES MGMT 368B BUSINESS ETHICS PROBLEM ISSUE AND IDENTIFICATION WHAT ARE THE CENTRAL FACTS OF THE CASE? *William ‘Bill' Gates III, Microsoft Corp Chairman, is the most wealthiest businessman there is ( *Microsoft does not pay its workers as well as some competitors do; however, many workers get stock options. As a result, the worth of these stock options makes one in five of Microsoft's workers millionaires. *Gates earned his money legally and, within the system, ethically. Claims have been made against antitrust violations, but as of 1988, no adverse judgments against Microsoft (DeGeorge,…show more content…
WHAT CHALLENGES, THREATS OR OPPORTUNITIES ARE POSED BY THESE STAKEHOLDERS? Forcing Microsoft to promote the products of its competition is like forcing NBC to promote CBS programs. These forced demands are a violation of the rights of Bill Gates, the rights of Microsoft shareholders, and of the American ideals of justice, rights, and freedom ( WHAT ECONOMIC, LEGAL, ETHICAL, AND PHILANTHROPIC RESPONSIBILITIES DOES THE COMPANY HAVE, AND WHAT IS THE NATURE AND EXTENT OF THESE RESPONSIBILITIES? Microsoft has been behaving more mature – paying out dividends, nixing stock options – but is no less formidable: "We're just at the beginning of what we can do with software," proclaimed the giant Gates at a company meeting in July 2003. Microsoft is moving far beyond the PC. It's chief software architect is taking Microsoft into TVs, cellular phones, automobiles, even wristwatches. Its present flagship Windows operating system runs 94% of the world's desktops, but the company is facing heated pressure from Linux, whose open-source system for servers is outgrowing Microsoft's. The future is bright for Windows successor, dubbed Longhorn, which might surface in 2005. Away from his desk, the world's biggest philanthropist is giving billions to eradicating infectious diseases (polio, AIDS) and developing vaccines through the $24 billion Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The notorious William H. Gates

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