Case Study of Billy

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Case Study of Billy 1. STUDY THE CASE OF BILLY on pages 189-190 (Box 7.1) of Dunlap (2009). Then carry out the following task: Develop an approach, or a set of recommendations, for the teacher to carry out, to address Billy's difficulties. Billy has not shown distinctive characteristics of an intentionally malicious or sociopathic child. In other words, there is no distinctive evidence that Billy is "bad." Billy does get into unintentional conflicts and does not demonstrate forethought as part of his decision making process. Therefore, I would also say that Billy does not get into mischief. Mischief implies some kind of agenda or intention of a specific goal, which may include harm and other forms of deviance. Based on the description of Billy's day, he very much tries to participate in the activities including art and normative socialization. Billy would benefit from some sort of behavior modification program. He is a child that does not present effective coping skills, motor skills, social intelligence, and may suffer from an attention disorder. From the information presented, I cannot conclude with regards to Billy's laziness, but his potential issues that have yet to be determined directly and indirectly contribute to Billy being careless. In that regard, I would say that Billy is careless, but not hopeless. If I were Billy's teacher, depending on the type of facility in which I was teaching, I would recommend that Billy receive Physical Therapy and Occupational
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