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1. In general, how did C&C’s first organizational structure contribute to the store managers’ dissatisfaction? C & C Grocery’s initial organizational structure operated under a vertical linkage. Vertical linkage is utilized to “coordinate activities between the top and bottom of an organization and are designed primarily for control of the organization” (Daft,2013) Store managers were responsible for the grocery line, front-end department and general store operations but had little knowledge about merchandising, meat and produce. Instead, their duties included cleanliness of store, employee appearance, and sufficient checkout service and price accuracy. Store managers wanted to be trained in management skills to allow them opportunity…show more content…
The store manager asked the produce and meat managers to display some of the cola but was denied any help by the produce manager as he claimed this did not help his sales and he did not care about the campaign.(Daft,2013) Decisions and strategies were being made without any regard to include the store as a team. Another factor that contributed to poor cooperation was failing to provide these managers with opportunities to learn skills for promotions, which lead to resentment and poor morale. Departments were unable to effectively work together and build strategies as team but instead were working towards their own agenda. The “serve the customer” mentality created by Doug Cummins no longer existed in the stores. 4. How would the proposed reorganization address the problems addressed in each question above? Under the new proposed restructuring, the meat, grocery and produce departments would all be under the store manager. This helps improve the frustration the store managers had with the lack of authority with the meat and produce department managers. Store managers can work more closely with the department managers to learn what their department goals and issues are to work on combined strategies that benefit their store. By continuing to work as team towards common goals, more trust will be formed and the store will operate more efficiently. This allows the district supervisor to now focus on training and development, as the consultants proposed the

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