Case Study of Callaway Golf Company Essays

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Case Study of Callaway Golf Company

Section I. Summary

Callaway Golf Company began to take form in 1983, after Ely Reeves Callaway Jr. sold Callaway Vineyard and Winery for a $9 million dollar profit. Shortly after the sell of the winery, Callaway ventured in to the golf equipment industry and bought 50 percent of Hickory Stick USA. Callaway knew from the very beginning that this company’s profits were limited as long as the product line wasn’t changing. “Callaway noticed that most golf equipment had changed very little since the 1920s and believed that , due to the difficulty of the game of golf, recreational golfers would be willing to invest in high-tech, premium-priced clubs if such clubs could improve their game by being more
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Helmstetter and his engineering team were very important to the execution of Callaway Golf’s competitive strategy. Callaway Golf Company consistently outspent its rivals in the industry on R&D which “allowed it to continually beat its competitors to the market with new innovations.” (P c210) In 1994, Callaway Golf opened the Helmstetter Test Center located a mile away from the main campus. The Helmstetter Test Center had two primary uses; it provided an ideal place to custom-fit clubs for the touring pros who used Callaway equipment, and it allowed Callaway R&D staff to test new products in the developmental stage. The development of new products at Callaway Golf Company not only included the research and development staff but also the sales and advertising staff. These teams worked hand in hand together. When the R&D would come up with a new product idea, the sales and advertisement staff would look over this idea and recommend changes based on the current market interests.

“Callaway’s customer service department was viewed as a critical component of the company’s overall level of differentiation.” (p. c215) Even before handling any customer service inquiry, each customer service representative received eight weeks of training since the entire customer service staff was empowered to make a final decision regarding a consumer or retailer complaint or warranty claim. In other golf
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