Case Study of Euro Disney (Mgmt 322)

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Case Study of Euro Disney (Mgmt 322) To this day, EuroDisney struggles to keep its doors open, while the American and European theme parks continue to thrive. My paper for my International Business course deals with the many problems that marked the opening of EuroDisney ... ________________________________________ For years, the Disney theme park empire was built upon three crown jewels located in California, Florida, and Japan. Combining the familiar, family-friendly characters and images upon which the Disney reputation was built, with clean and well-operated theme parks helped Disney set new standards for efficient, friendly customer service in the theme park industry, with its parks becoming major international tourist…show more content…
However, far fewer French visitors were coming than projected, and it soon became clear this �safety net� was not going to bolster Euro Disney�s sagging customer volume. Staffing: In a service-oriented business such as Disney with very exacting customer service standards, proper staffing is crucial to an organization�s success. In spite of the importance of having a top-notch workforce, many considerations crucial to developing that effective workforce were overlooked at Euro Disney. Staffing shortages created a negative cycle in which extra workloads on employees resulted in increased turnover, which in turn hurt Disney�s ability to retain and develop its employees. Poor union relations caused by reactions to Disney�s exacting requirements for dress and appearance, such as a ban on facial hair and colored stockings, as well as to Disney�s high standards of customer service, further hurt their ability to attract employees. Seeking to address the shortages created by this high turnover, Disney management accelerated its complex training program. This put more stress on new hires, and left them even less prepared to provide the level of service expected of Disney employees. Communication barriers in the workplace were created by language and cultural gaps between American management and European employees. Also, planners failed to consider

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