Case Study of Fab Sweets

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Motivation by Fawad Iqbal
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FAB Sweets Limited Case Summary

FAB Sweets Limited is a manufacturer of high quality sweets. This mid-sized family owned company is partially unionized, and a successful confectionery producer in Northern England. The case study takes place in a single and most problematic department of the factory hereby referred to as HB. This department produces and packs more than 40 lines of hard boiled candies using a batch production system. In total, 37 people work in HB. There are 25 male workers in the production division and 12 women in packing. The two divisions are separated by a physical barrier overseen by a charge hand and a supervisor
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Today's most successful companies employ workers that feel empowered, appreciated and motivated. The job of the manager is to get things done through employees. To do this effectively, the manager must be able to motivate the employees. There is an old saying that you can take a horse to the river, but you can't make it drink; it will drink only if it's thirsty. Likewise with people, they will do what they want to do or otherwise motivated to do. Whether is to be a top producer in the firm or carry out a project successfully, they must be motivated or driven to do it, either by themselves (internal drive) or by an external stimulus (management). Are people born with self motivation, not necessarily? It is an essential skill than can and must be learnt. This is crucial for any business to survive and succeed. In spite of enormous research, basic as well as applied, the subject of motivation is not crystal clear to every manager. To understand motivation, one must understand human nature itself. As simple as it is, it can be very complicated. A clear understanding and appreciation of human nature is an essential tool to effectively motivate employees in the workplace as well as being an effective manager and leader. Frederick Herzberg (motivation hygiene theory), Douglas McGregor's (theory Y), and

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