Case Study of Franklin Equipment Ltd

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1. The main criteria FEL uses to assign managers to their projects include time constraints and expertise. Clearly, managers with heavy workloads will not do as well as those without significant current time constraints. Hence, the likelihood that the work will progress smoothly under such managers is greater than otherwise. Expertise is also an important requirement to ensure that a project runs smoothly. Hence, the combination of low time constraints with the highest level of expertise appears to be a good basis for successful projects. However, one potential danger of assigning an apparently random number of managers to teams who need to work closely together could create communication problems, especially if these managers have not worked together before, or indeed if severe personality clashes occur. Hence, it might be a good idea to conduct regular assessments of the progress of the work as well as how well managers function together, particularly in a remote location such as Abu Dhabi. 2. When a company grows in size and makes the decision to expand internationally, it is vital for its image among current and future customers to complete projects effectively and on time. Furthermore, it is also likely that such an expansion would entail the representation of more than one culture among the workforce. Indeed, while many employees will be relocated from the home country, a further proportion will be hired from the host country. To facilitate the relations and
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