Case Study of Gloria Jean's Coffee

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Gloria Jeans This is telling us how the Digital Innovation involves in the Business. Executive Summary It is a vision of the company to make Gloria Jean's coffee the most loved and respected coffee of the world. Gloria Jean's coffee is working on a strong belief that because of getting respect and love you should respect the culture and needs of people. It is a policy of the company to provide a store atmosphere where customers can feel like guests at home. The mission of the company is to provide high quality coffees with great customer service in all the stores of the world. To provide different cultural taste products according to the changes requirement of the people through continuous innovation and improvement approach. In any type of company it is not possible to communicate the vision, values and objectives statements directly to the team members but the HR manager to understand that how the statements should be delivered which can serve the purpose. In this specific organization, managers can train the team members according to the requirement of the company. The training workshops can be undertaken at regular routine work timings. They can watch the working styles of each individual of the team and give employees tips to improve according to the mission and vision statements of the company. Sometimes any team member can make bad quality coffee or not properly deal with customers due to no knowledge about the company's vision statement. The manager can
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