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TEAM NAME EKUSHE UNIVESITY BANGLADESH UNIVERSITY OF PROFESSIONALS TITLE REPORT TO THE BOARD MEMBERS Table of Contents Contents 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 2.0 INDUSTRY BACKGROUND 4 3.0 STRATEGIC ANALYSIS 4 3.1 Company Analysis 4 3.1.1SWOT Analysis (Appendix A) 4 3.1.2 Ansoff’s Growth Vector Matrix (Appendix B) 5 3.1.3 Porter's Generic Strategies (Appendix C) 6 3.2 Industry Analysis 6 3.2.1 PEST Analysis (Appendix D) 6 4.0 FINANCIAL ANALYSIS (Appendix E) 6 4.1 Profitability ratios 6 4.2 Liquidity Ratio 6 4.3 Activity Ratio 7 4.4 Debt Ratio 7 5.0 WHAT-SO ANALYSIS 8 6.0 SCENARIO ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATION 12 6.1 Near-Shoring Proposal in Voldania (Appendix F) 12 6.2…show more content…
China has proved itself as a low cost quality manufacturer in toy sector. But it does not design and create new products. 3.0 STRATEGIC ANALYSIS 3.1 Company Analysis 3.1.1SWOT Analysis (Appendix A) Having strength in electronics and connections with a range of manufactures, Jot is continuously innovating new products every year. With an annual R&D budget of € 1.2 million out of the total revenue of € 9.8 million in 2011, it is clear that Jot gives major importance to its product development. The company should continue on this strategy to ensure higher value proposition to the consumers but needs to have a quality assurance team that monitors the production process as well as the development stage to ensure no technical failures occur with the products. With rented warehousing, outsourced manufacturing and transportation it is clear that uncertainty and management hassle is quite high. The entire process will have to be monitored with utmost transparency to ensure that the management has complete control over it. There are some major untapped market segments that need to be catered in order to maintain the growth level of Jot. These markets have high growth and can easily be tapped into with new and advanced range of products that Jot innovates. 3.1.2 Ansoff’s Growth Vector Matrix (Appendix B) Existing Product-Existing Market Jot’s major markets include USA and EU markets along with
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