Case Study of Marketing on Wafer Industry ( Perk and Kitkat)

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WHAT IS CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR? Consumer behaviour refers to the behaviour that consumer display in searching for, purchasing, using, evaluating & disposing of products & services that they expect will satisfy their needs. INTRODUCTION ON THE CHOCOLATE INDUSTRY Indian Chocolate Industry as today is dominated by two companies, both multinationals. The market leader is Cadbury with a lion 's share of 70%. The company 's brands like Five Star, Gems, Éclairs, Perk, Dairy Milk are leaders in their segments. Until early 90 's, Cadbury had a market share of over 80 %, but its party was spoiled when Nestle appeared on the scene. The other one has
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Inorder to create more excitement, the brand tried to experiment with its successful positioning and changed the positioning to some bull shit. Perk as a snack is one of the best positioning you can have. Preity is one of the best brand ambassador and both the brand and the model gel with each other.
From the " thodi si ped pooja" the brand took the positioning " kabhi bhi , kaise bhi" .
Perk is having serious competition from Kitkat and Munch. The current positioning of Perk is similar to that of Munch which is endorsed by Rani Mukharjee. Perk can have solace that Munch ads are also lousy.
The fact that the market is stagnating shows that the brand is not able to create a place for itself in the mind of the customer( read Positioning) and it is competing with other full chocolate brands like CDM. Perk 's initial positioning had they continued it could have helped the brand to have a space for itself different from other brands. Perk could have encouraged its customers to keep a Perk always at home and with them because no one knows when they will be hungry.

Kit Kat was launched in India in 1995. The brand was an instant hit because of smart marketing as well as the novelty of the product. Kit Kat is wafer covered in chocolate. During the time of the launch , there was no such kind of product although wafer biscuits were available in the market. The high profile launch of Kit Kat and Perk created a new

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