Case Study of McDonald's including SWOT analysis

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IntroductionIn the early 1940's, two brothers opened a burger restaurant that was based on standardized preparation called the Speedee Service System. This "burger restaurant" is now globally known as McDonald's. In 1976, McDonald's introduced the breakfast menu as a way to diversify sales and product selection. Today this multinational corporation serves nearly 54 million customers every day in 120 countries around the world. McDonald's first international venture was in Richmond, British Columbia, during 1967. Two of McDonald's main products were introduced in 1968, the Big Mac and the Egg McMuffin Sandwich. When the first McDonald's opened in Hong Kong in 1975, they were the first restaurants to consistently offer clean bathrooms,…show more content…
c.This year the world's largest restaurant chain, with 31,000 locations, will spend $1.9 billion to open 800 restaurants and reinvest in existing locations. 3.The company's attention to global health concernsa.McDonald's menus offer a variety of food products that can fit into balanced, active lifestyles. Restaurants typically serve several types of hamburgers, grilled and fried chicken products, and fish and, in many cases, salads, fruits, and additional sandwich options. i.Many European countries have launched Salads Plus menus, including meal-size salad choices, a side salad, fresh fruit bag, and other options. ii.McDonald's Canada offers Toasted Deli Sandwiches. iii.McDonald's Hong Kong has a Fresh Choices Menu, with two salads and fruit yogurt. iv.McDonald's Australia offers a QuickStart breakfast menu, including a choice of cereals, juices, reduced fat or nonfat milk, and yogurt. v.McDonald's Taiwan serves a Toasted Rice Burger. vi.Apples are served whole or with other foods in more than 20 countries around the world. b.Many local business units are adding new salad, fruit, and vegetable offerings. c.Local business units are also expanding Happy Meal choices to include new sandwich, side, and beverage alternatives. These reflect a System-wide goal of ensuring that Happy Meals remain a choice moms feel good about and children enjoy. 4.The Company has high environmental

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