Case Study of Monique Mandy

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Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Introduction 4 Main Report Question 1 5 Question 2 7 Question 3 9 Question 4 11 Conclusion & Recommendations 13 References Executive Summary Even as a girl of 10 years, Monique Mandy had set her sights on what she wanted to do. She was keen on a career with the United Nations, with her vision of peace and prosperity for the whole world, for which she was even willing to lay down her life. Her country, Liberia with just a 2.9 million population was war torn with powerful overlords like Charles Taylor, who spread the culture of violence even down to the gun toting kids. Slowly, as peace encompassed her country, her parents decided to give her a good education, and that is how she finally landed up at Harvard Business School in the US for her master's degree. After a small stint of middle school in Liberia, she packed herself off to a private school in New Jersey in the US, followed by enrollment in the Georgetown University and later on received her master's in international development and economics at the Johns Hopkins University. Fortunately, the UN headquarters at New York employed her and this was followed by deputation for training to Indonesia and thereafter onto the UN in Angola, followed by a posting to the Central African Republic where she was involved with entrepreneurial promotion projects, which gave her a good insight into the business. After two, more years with the UN, she decided to enroll

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