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NewCorp Legal Legal Encounter One NewCorp is potentially liable for breaching Pat's employee contract based on the termination terms established in the contract. NewCorp needed to put in the contract that hiring Pat was based on a three month probationary period. Pat also signed a document that stated that the employer has the right to terminate the employee at any time with respect to discharge; however, Pat believed that the document did not pertain to him because of the clause in the employee handbook he was provided since the employer failed to notify him of any deficiency in his duties and place him in corrective action plan. Pat also believes that he was being discriminated against because he was vocal over an issue during a recent school board meeting. In the University of Phoenix simulation (2012), it stated that in 20 states, including Vermont, employers can fire anyone for any reason except for things like age, gender, race or disabilities. Pat was fired for unsatisfactory performance therefore; they had a right to terminate him. For example, the organization has documentation signed by Pat stating that the organization has the right to terminate the employment at any time. Based on this, Pat could sue for damages based on retaliation. Pat can also collect Unemployment Compensation because he was wrongfully terminated. Pat has the right to sue for breach of employment contract; however, this will depend on how the case is perceived. Pat can also sue for

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