Case Study of Pharmaceutical Industry

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Prezi Transcript PESTLE Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Industry Political - Recent US health reforms has led to increased pressure on price. - Increased push for continued overseas aid, particularly through the United Nations and the European Union, with price of the drugs being a major factor in the supplier choice. Economical - Due to the current economic climate, price has become a major factor in pharmaceuticals especially on drugs where generic brands are also available. Social - Skilled employees can be difficult to source in other third world countries where segments of the batch production line may be based. - Increasing pressure on pharmaceutical industry to support developing countries through the supply of reduced cost drugs,…show more content…
- Opportunity for smaller manufacturers to learn from the mistakes of the larger firms who are investing heavily. - Opportunities for new drug types to be discovered through the new methods that continuous flow allows to be used. Threats - The companies that fail to follow will likely fail. - Due to the increased ability to check the quality of drugs being manufactured throughout the manufacturing process, increased regulation on drug quality could be expected, potentially limiting competitiveness in the global drug market. - Reduction in drug manufacturing costs will likely increase pressure to provide drugs to the 3rd world for reduced price SWOT Analysis Overview of pfizer inc. and pharmaceutical industry Pfizer Inc. had concluded their purchase of Wyeth, one of its main competitors to increase the diversity of product range and boost market share of Pfizer. This case study aims to assess the present situation of the deal with Wyeth and provide Pfizer other avenues to improve its market position considering most of their high revenue brand lines are ending their patents in the near future. SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces model will be applied to analyze both internal and external environments that affect Pfizer. The report will further analyze and give recommendation regarding the merger. INTRODUCTION Pfizer was founded in 1849 in Brooklyn, New York1, USA and in 2009 it ranks number 1 in Reuters rankings of the largest
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