Case Study of Starbucks

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The Learning and Growth Perspective Sarbucks is the leading company in the coffee industry. The company prides itself on engaging with communities and providing customers with unique experiences to ensure future success and growth. All the units have been properly equipped to enable them operate in different atmospheres. Through its global Starbucks experience reputation and its customer engagement, the organization is up to the challenges of the current market demands (Jones & Hill, 2007). Starbuck's vision and mission are used to design strategies for development. An effective company strategy is one, which assists the organization to achieve its vision and mission. The company's mission, vision, and strategy have been intertwined. The mission statement provides the inputs, the vision statement guides in developing strategies while strategies outlines what Starbucks will do in order to achieve its vision. The vision statement acts as a bridge between strategy and the mission statement. In this regard, Starbucks vision statement fosters a relentless spirit of improvement and innovation. The company's vision of moving forward pushes managers to develop new and environmental friendly strategies of delighting their customers. The relationship between strategy and vision is intense and can be described as an ambitious one. Starbucks has succeeded in displacing its competitors with deeper pockets and strong ambition through their urge to expand the company in more

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