Case Study of Wage and Salary Administration

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Psychopathology I. Important Concepts II. Categories III. Incidence IV. Models to Explain Important Concepts Psychopathology Defined Medical Student’s Syndrome Abnormality Normality Classification Psychopathology Defined Means sickness of the mind. There are many synonyms: Emotional Disorder Craziness Lunacy Mental Illness Mental Deviation Nervous Disease Mental Abnormality Psychiatric Illness Psychopathology Etc. Medical Student’s Syndrome Medical student’s studying the heart became sensitive to the sounds of their own hearts. We are studying the mind. Lets not get carried away analyzing ourselves. If you feel you have a serious problem, there is a counseling center on campus.…show more content…
Louis Wain (1860-1939) - A famous animal artist. His drawings of a cat show his progressive deterioration & some disturbing distortions of perception. Hallucinations - False perceptions. Are usually auditory (hear voices), but may also be visual or olfactory. Disturbances of Emotion Flattened emotions (blunted affect). Inappropriate emotions. Communication Difficulties Echolalia - Repeating the last word or phrase spoken by another. Neologisms - Made up words. Word Salad - Words haphazardly thrown together. Verbal Exhibitionism - A grandiose manner of speech. Bizarre Motor Behavior Unusual Motions - May grimace or gesture in peculiar ways. Catalepsy - Holding a particular posture for a long time. Waxy Flexibility - Posture can be molded. Cataplexy - Loss of muscle tone. Schizophrenia: Major Types Paranoid (≈ 30-50%) - Symptoms: delusions of persecution often with hallucinations. Disorganized (Silly) - Symptoms: grossly disordered thinking, emotions, & communication. Catatonic (rare) - Symptoms: withdrawal & catalepsy. Undifferentiated (or Simple) - Symptoms: nothing major, are seclusive, withdrawn, “peculiar” people. Residual - Symptoms: have abated, but hallucinations & flat affect may remain. Genetics The more closely related a person is to a patient with schizophrenia, the more likely that person is to develop

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