Case Study of a Childs Play and Development Essay

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MODULE TITLE: Therapeutic Playwork CREDIT POINTS: 15 LEVEL: 3 LOCATION: B.A (Hons) Playwork STATUS : Elective AIMS: This module is addressed to meet the needs of playworkers intending to practice therapeutically and aims to offer insights into a range of techniques used. The core of the module is theoretical, but practice issues will be addressed and techniques explored at a practical level. The module aims to enable intending therapeutic playworkers to make appropriate choices as to methods used and to develop skills in those they prefer. LEARNING OUTCOMES: On completion of…show more content…
Day 1 Tuesday 2nd Feb in C210; from 09.30 to 16.30ish Introduction to the module, processes and content, participant knowledge, experience and values. Use of X-stream to support sessions, study aids such as iGoogle. Work for assessment, overview and arrangements to discuss any planned variations from the standard format. The elective stands alone and is appropriate to undertake from many backgrounds that include some study of social, cognitive, developmental and depth psychologies. [examples of each Social psychology – Cognitive psychology – Behavioural (and animal) psychology – Developmental psychology – Depth psychologies - ] It is also the third in a series of electives intended to offer that background to playwork students. It is primarily a theoretical elective, requiring students to examine a range of theories and related practices. In session 5, students are asked to present a theory and related playwork practice for a fifteen minute discussion which they should prepare themselves to facilitate. The work for assessment is an analysis of a
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