Case Study of a Medium Sized Firm

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Introduction. A case study of a medium size firm is discussed in this assignment which manufactures, sustain service and support scientific machinery. In order to finish the given demand, the following task is going to deal in this respect. Task A. By using at least five analytical instruments in strategic management formulate an adequate E-business strategy for the firm. My suggested strategy is based on my analysis, and supported by evaluation of my proposed ways, showing its suitability for the company, and also its relation to the firm's business strategy. Task B. In this part, I am going to discuss the challenges of adoption of e-business and solve the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for E-business in relation to the firm. Task C. In this task, I am going to critically review the analysis that the firm should conduct in relation to operations in a new country with a perception to improving performance. Table of contents Contents Page no. List of Figures 3 Task A 4 Task B 6 List of Figures Page no. Figure 1.1 Introduction 4 Figure 1.2 Strategy and business environment 4 Figure 1.3. Operations Strategy 5 Figure 1.4. Understanding Business Performance Management 5 Figure 1.5. Management of resources and operations 6 Figure 1.6. IS as a strategic resource 8 Figure 1.7 Development, management and exploitation of information systems and their impact upon organizations. Figure 1.8. Application of analytical tools 11 Figure 1.9. E-strategy formulation
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