Case Study of an Immigrant Essays

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Case Study of an Immigrant

“We are all immigrants. Our only difference is that some of us arrived earlier and some of us later” a great quote from Ruiz (1997). From the 1930’s to the 1970’s most people that immigrated here were from Europe, it is only recently that people from Mexico began immigrating here (Christie, 1998). The only difference is, when people were emigrating here from Europe, they already had high income and educational levels (1998). People that are emigrating here now from Mexico have trouble keeping the economy up (1998). Economists Beverly Fox Kellam and Lucinda Vargas (1998) wrote in a recent report for the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, “U.S. immigrants, on average, earn less that native workers, and the
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Garcia was born in Mexico City (D.F.), Mexico and was the first born of six children. He was brought up in a poverty stricken family and remembers at age six, he would take the subway all over the city trying to sell bottles of pine sol. He and his family always had to work hard to get what ever they needed. Most mornings his mother would have to give coffee and bollios to Garcia and his siblings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Garcia told me that anything else was to expensive and remembers fighting with his siblings when there was meat or fruit in the house. Garcia told me, “Meat and fruit was a real treat for us and if one of my siblings took too much then I would get pissed off!”

When he was about eleven years old his father started cheating in his mother with another woman and had kids with her. Garcia stated that was when things really went bad at home and in his personal life. There was less money for them, so all his siblings had to work, even his two year old sister had to sell gum at the airport with her mother. Then at about age 17 his brother decided he wanted to come over to the U.S. with his girlfriend and send home money. Chavez (2001) found that most of the 8 million to 11 million illegal aliens already in America are Mexicans. This is one of the reasons, why Garcia’s brother and his girlfriend felt that they would fit in the U.S. Garcia stated at that time it was simple to

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