Case Study of the Ford Motor Company

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Introduction The Ford Motor Company is one of the largest automakers in the world and it is notable due to its powerful position within the global market place. Still, aside from this, Ford is also notable from a business analysis standpoint, representing a firm that has lost its competitive position to the Japanese automakers, due to the inability to recognize changing market trends. Also, the company is notable as it was severely hit by the economic crisis, yet refused aid under TARP (The Troubled Asset Relief Program) and focused on internal restructuring. Today, the American automobile maker is still reviving from the blow of the economic crisis, with its sales and profit levels still having to reach pre-crisis levels, but nevertheless, they proved that they are a resilient company. In such a setting, a potential situation arises in which the company might be interested in further increasing its global presence within the international market place. In order to formulate the adequate recommendations in this sense, it is first necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the organization and its financial capabilities.
2. Demand and supply analysis The demand and supply analysis focuses on the levels of sales volumes registered by the company and the levels of adjacent sales revenues. Ford's demand and supply analysis, as well as all other upcoming analyses, would be conducted based on data available in the…

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