Case Study of the Patient: Mr Issler's Plan of Care

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Mr. Issler's Plan of Care: As stated by his daughter-in-law, Mr. Issler became very pale and diaphoretic after a two and half hour flight. The patient also confessed that he has a history of deep vein thrombosis and congestive heart failure during the examination. Following his examination by a cardiologist, the patient was advised to have his thyroid checked and seek out a primary care provider. While Mr. Issler has been taking thyroid medication for several years, he doesn't know whether he has hypo- or hyperthyroidism. Due to his medical condition, Mr. Issler is very pale and has a large bag of medications such as metoprolol, Lasix, and Synthroid. Using Orem Theory for the Patient's Plan of Care: In the development of a plan for care for Mr. Issler's condition, the use of the OREM nursing theory would be the most suitable method. The main concept behind the theory is that every individual has the natural ability for self-care and that the nursing practice should be centered on influencing this ability. As a result, people whose self-care needs are beyond their ability to be involved in self-care suffer from self-care deficit. These kinds of people are in need of nursing intervention strategies to help them become self-reliant in managing their illnesses or diseases (Simmons, 2009). This nursing theory can be applied in several settings within the nursing field because it assists a wide range of patients including those requiring nursing care, partial nursing, and the

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