Case Study on Baby Ryan

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At the age of two months baby Ryan suffered from cardiac arrest 9 days after receiving his second injection of Hepatitis B vaccine (HBV) . He was successfully resuscitated at Coney Island Hospital in New York. His chest x-ray and CT scan showed evidence of pulmonary edema, bleeding, and pneumonia. A CT exam of his had showed brain edema. He had a blood Ph of 6.83 and a potassium level of 6.0 mEq/L. He was stabilized and transferred to Maimonides Medical Center (MMC).Blood test performed on baby Ryan at MMC revealed that Ryan had an elevated band neutrophil count, hyperglycemia, hyperkalemia, hyperammonimia, hemolytic anemia, liver damage, hypophosphatemia, and hypermagnesium. His PT, PTT, and INR were elevated. Ryan was treated with four types of antibiotics and other medications.
Ryan had an MRI head exam and eye exam performed at 8 and 9 days after admission. Ryan’s MRI showed intracranial bleeding and his eye exam revealed retinal bleeding. They accused Ryan’s father for his injuries by shaking him vigorously (Shaken Baby Syndrome) (Strokes, 2014). The court believed that the infection with Streptococcus pneumonia caused Ryan’s illness and led to the development of hemorrhagic pneumonia, hemolytic uremic syndrome, kidney and liver problems, hepatic encephalopathy, seizure, coma, and cardiac arrest. They likely causes of Ryan’s intracranial and retinal bleeding are liver damage, infections, vitamin K deficiency and severe anemia. The Hepatitis B vaccine increased
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